C4-391.27-20 060 Coromant CaptoⓇ to ISO 9766 adaptor (1)

Product code: 3072 C4-391.27-20 060
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(CZC) 20 | C4 , ADINTMS) Coromant Capto (bolt and segment clamping) -size C4 , (ADINTWS) Cylindrical clamping (ISO9766 drill shank) -metric: 20 , Functional length (LF) 60 mm, Body diameter (BD1) 40 mm, Body length (LB1) 60 mm
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Product information

C4-391.27-20 060 Coromant CaptoⓇ to ISO 9766 adaptor

Connection size code (CZC)  20 | C4 
Adaptive interface machine direction (ADINTMS)  Coromant Capto (bolt and segment clamping) -size C4 
Adaptive interface workpiece direction (ADINTWS)  Cylindrical clamping (ISO9766 drill shank) -metric: 20 
Damping property (DPC)  false 
Coolant entry style code (CNSC)  3: axial concentric and radial entry 
Coolant exit style code (CXSC)  1: axial concentric exit 
Coolant pressure (CP)  20 bar
Connection diameter (DCON)  20 | 40 mm
Functional length (LF)  60 mm
Body diameter (BD1)  40 mm
Body length (LB1)  60 mm
Body half taper angle (BHTA)  0 deg
Torque (TQ)  12 Nm
Body material code (BMC)  Steel 
Balanced by design (BBD)  false 
Weight of item (WT)  0.546 kg
Sensor embedded property (SEP)  0 
Life cycle state (LCS)  Released 
Release pack id (RELEASEPACK)  92.3

Technical specifications

Code 3072 C4-391.27-20 060
Condition Used
Weight 0.75kg
Size C4
Connection Diameter 20mm

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