C6-391.60A-02 080A Coromant CaptoⓇ to quick change tapping chuck

Product code: 3045 C6-391.60A-02 080A
Tap range max (TRMAX)M16, Coromant Capto (bolt and segment clamping) - size C6 , Collet DIN6345 (Rubberflex) -size J44x

Product information

Tap range max (TRMAX)M16 

Adaptive interface machine direction (ADINTMS)Coromant Capto (bolt and segment clamping) -size C6 

Adaptive interface workpiece direction (ADINTWS)Collet DIN6345 (Rubberflex) -size J44x 

Coolant entry style code (CNSC)3: axial concentric and radial entry 

Coolant exit style code (CXSC)0: no coolant exit 

Coolant pressure (CP)80 bar

Connection diameter (DCONMS)63 mm

Functional length (LF)80 mm

Tap floating length ahead (TFLA)0 mm

Tap floating length behind (TFLB)0 mm

Body length (LB1)51 mm

Body length (LB2)58 mm

Body length (LB3)80 mm

Rotational speed maximum (RPMX)8000 r/min

Weight of item (WT)1.332 kg

Damping property (DPC)false 

Life cycle state (LCS)Obsolete 

Release pack id (RELEASEPACK)97.1

Technical specifications

Code 3045 C6-391.60A-02 080A
Condition Used
Weight 1.332kg
Size C6

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